New-build Submarine Cable System Solution

The submarine cable system carries 99% of the world's international bandwidth. As a professional submarine cable system solution provider, HMN Tech provides customers worldwide with turnkey solutions, including desktop research, system design, route surveys, marine installation, customer training and so on.

Customers' demands are at the center of everything HMN Tech do. HMN Tech aims to provide the state-of-the-art technology, products, service and solutions. By innovative technology and quick-response service, HMN Tech has ability to deliver large-capacity, broad-bandwidth and high-reliability submarine system.

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Typical new build system solution process


The advantages of new build submarine cable system from HMN Tech are as following:

Turnkey Solution

HMN Tech provides end-to-end solutions including research, design, construction, and offers full-cycle technical consultation;

Leading Technology and Product

R&D is closely related to customer’s requirements with innovative and high-quality technologies;

Global Experience and Capability

Over 100 submarine cable projects have been delivered in 78 countries and regions, thanks to quick response and technical support worldwide;

High-reliability Network

All products and solutions work in 11,000 months with 0 breakdown and 0 failure to ensuring 25-year long lifespan;

Repeatered Submarine Cable Solution

Ideal for huge capacity ultra long-haul trans-oceanic networks and intra-regional networks.

Maximum transmission distance
400G×64Ch×16Fps Capacity

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Unrepeatered Submarine Cable Solution

Applying domestic submarine cable or regional system, a high-capacity and high-reliability alternative solution to satellite or microwave;

Maximum transmission distance

Commercial application record by HMN Tech

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Typical Unrepeatered System Network Topology

Main application products

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