Management's Message

The ICT revolution is rapidly transforming nations and industries. The Internet of things (IoT), ultra-broadband, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and other ICT technologies have not only paved the way to the digital era, but also placed increasingly stringent requirements on making the digital infrastructure more international. In response, HMN Tech provides solutions that connect the digital infrastructure systems through oceans to build a truly seamless connected system. Our mission is to be the enabler for building a Better Connected World.

As an advanced and innovative submarine telecommunication solutions supplier, HMN Tech integrates state-of-the-art optical transmission technology, full experience of marine engineering, and global operation platform to provide globalized services to customers. “Staying customer-centric and proactive” is the core value of HMN Tech. Our mature and enterprising team is committed to providing customers with advanced solutions, reliable network systems, and ongoing support. We aim to help our customers achieve more, and work together to address their business and technology challenges. This is an important reason for HMN Tech’s rapid growth and its recognition within the industry.

In the context of today's highly internationalized social division of labor, HMN Tech seeks out partnerships to develop distinctive solutions for customers from different regions. Working together, we aim to build joint innovation ecosystems to accelerate technology and business innovation. 

Going forward, we will ensure continued peace of mind by creating value for our customers. We would like to thank our customers and partners for your ongoing trust and support.