Repeater - RPT 1660

Repeater (RPT 1660) is the core equipment of repeatered system, which adopts erbium-doped fiber amplification technology to compensate the transmission loss, prolong the transmission distance and enlarge system capacity.

More Fiber Pairs and Higher Capacity

High Fiber Count

The world-first 32 fiber pairs repeater, meeting the large- capacity transmission requirement.

Wide Bandwidth

The industry-leading 39.5 nm bandwidth to deliver higher capacity per fibre pair

Ultra-long Distance

High output optical power and low noise figure enable up to 160km span in a repeatered system, and support up to 16,000km in transoceanic system.

High Reliability

Utilize pressure-resistant and anti-corrosion titanium alloy housing, high-sealing structural design and high reliability redundancy design to ensure stable operation at 8,000m water depth for 25 years. 

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