Submarine Cable

The repeatered submarine cable is developed for deep-sea transoceanic systems. It is used to transmit optical signals and deliver electrical power to the wet plants. The full series of repeatered cable types adopt the mature inner vault armoring structure design to ensure the mechanical strength of the submarine cable required in different scenarios such as storage, deployment, operation, and recovery.

Variety of cables for different seabed

Light Weight (LW) is the core of the cable family. The LW cable adopts inner vault steel wires design with polyethylene (PE) extrusion outside. The LW cable can be deployed & recovered down to 8,000m water depth.

Light Weight Protected (LWP) incorporates an external screen and an additional outer polyethylene sheath on the LW cable. The LWP cable is suitable for deployment in the environment that exposure to moderate abrasion and marine animal bites down to 7,000m water depth.

Single Armor (SA) equips a single layer of high strength galvanized armor wires at the external of the LW cable. The SA cable can be deployed & recovered at buried areas and risky regions with bottom trawling fishing etc. down to 2,000m water depth.

Double Armor (DA) adds two layers of high strength galvanized armor wires at the external of the LW cable. The DA cable is suitable for shallow water within 600m water depth where anchors can reach and abrasion might be a risk.

Main Features

Supporting high fiber count

Three different series of submarine cable products, supporting up to 12FPs, 16FPs and 32FPs respectively.

High mechanical protection

Adopting inner vault steel wires design, providing excellent hydrostatic resistance and tensile strength, designed deployment water depth down to 8,000m.

Excellent high-voltage insulation performance

20kV operational voltage for 25 years.

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