Oil and Gas Platform

In the digital age, high-quality communication networks are becoming increasingly important for efficient energy explorations and exploitations. Submarine cable communication system has gradually become an indispensable communication facility for offshore operation platforms due to its characteristics of low latency, large capacity and high reliability. HMN Tech Oil & Gas Telecom solutions can not only fully meet the communication requirements of this scenario, but also further facilitate the automated production of offshore platforms, therefore significantly improving the production efficiency and effectively reducing the operating cost.

 Oil & Gas Platforms Submarine Fiber Cable Solution


Larger Capacity

Data, images and video from offshore platforms can be timely transmitted to headquarters in land, significantly reducing platform staff and operating cost;

Lower Latency

Data immediately sends from offshore platforms to headquarters, enabling remote management and improving production efficiency;

Higher reliability

Better choice than microwave or satellite, for submarine cable’s strong anti-interference ability, improving the timeliness and security of the data transmission;

Customized Solution

Supporting different connection demands of fixed platform and floating platform.