Upgrading Existing Submarine Cable Systems

HMN Tech's flexible upgrading solutions can be applied to  all network conditions and bring the maximum benefit to its customers. In addition, HMN Tech's excellent SLTE can ultimately expand system capacity in the original system to meet the customer's requirement of system bandwidth. Regardless of the original suppliers of the existing system, HMN Tech' solutions can be used for any application scenario. 

We provide:

Full-SLTE replacement upgrade

Full SLTE replacement upgrade completely changes the SLTEs in Landing Stations, without affecting any wet plant equipment or PFEs. The higher bit-rate, and narrower channel spacing of the new SLTE will increase the capacity of the original system.

Dark fibre upgrade

Dark fibre upgrades expand system capacity by adding new SLTE for the unlighted fibres of the existing system. This solution will not affect wet plant equipment or PFEs. Additionally, it will not affect traffic in lit fibres.

Overlay wavelength upgrade

Overlay (Hybrid) wavelength upgrades add new SLTEs to the system to expand bandwidth capacity. In contrast to full SLTE replacement, this solution keeps the old SLTE and adds new wavelengths to existing traffic through couplers.

placeholder imageTypical upgrade process

Main Application Products


The advantages of system upgrades from HMN Tech are as following:

In Service Upgrade

No traffic interruption


Capable of 400Gbit/s solution

Wide Application

Applicable for both repeatered and unrepeatered system 


Applicable regardless the original system supplier

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