Power Feeding Equipment - PFE 1670

Power Feeding Equipment (PFE 1670) is a high-precision constant current power supply device and is used in repeatered submarine cable systems. The maximum output voltage could achieve 18 kV. PFE 1670 ensures long-term stable operation of submerged equipment. The embedded electroding signals support marine cable fault localization.

Supports longer, larger capacity, brings more possibilities

High Security

  • Multiple interlocks and three kinds of grounding devices to ensure personal safety.

  • Emergency power off button to shut off the high-voltage power under emergency conditions.

  • High-voltage discharge protection to discharge the system voltage to a safe level.

  • Limits for harmonic current emissions and limitation of voltage changes to prevent surge damage.

  • Alarms for abnormal current or voltage. Automatic power off when the output current or voltage exceeds the upper shut down threshold or when the output current or voltage falls below the lower shut down threshold.

High Integration

  • The maximum voltage/current output of the single cabinet is 6kV/2A, while the maximum output power is 9kW.

  • The maximum voltage/current output of the dual-cabinet is 18kV/2A, while the maximum output power is 27kW.

High Reliability

  • Ultra-high reliability components and full reliable redundancy architecture.

  • N+1 redundant hot-swappable converters.

  • Support single end feeding and double end feeding modes.

  • Support positive and negative output polarity.

High Precision Output

  • Output current adjustable with 0.1mA step accuracy.

  • 0.1% Voltage stability and 0.1% current stability.

Power Feeding Equipment

Input Voltage:

-40.5 VDC to -60 VDC

Output Current:

2.0A max

Output voltage:

18kV max

Output Power:

27 kW for N+1 redundancy

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