Open Cable Access Equipment - OCAE

Open cable access equipment (SLM 1630) could provide intelligent management of wet plants, and allows any third-party’s terminal transmission equipment (TTE) accessing flexibly.

Longer Distance, Higher Capacity, and More Flexibility to the Industry

Open cable access platform

Provides up to 18 sets of ports for any third-party’s TTE access.

Auto Pre-emphasis

The new service light is automatically adjusted according to the pre-emphasis baseline to ensure optimal system performance.

Auto-dummy light redundancy

When a channel service light is lost, the Dummy Light can be automatically compensated and adjusted to ensure the system performance is still in the optimal state.

Flexible Networking

Support remote service access, and support 1+1 optical layer protection, improve the flexibility and reliability of service.

Fault location

Support in-service mode and out-of-service mode, ensure safe operation of the system.

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