Remote Optical Pumping Amplifier - ROPA 1620

The Remote Optical Pumping Amplifier(ROPA 1620)is used in a long-haul unrepeatered submarine cable system which adopts erbium-doped fiber amplification (EDFA) technology to amplify attenuated signals. The pump light is injected into the signal path and then pumps the erbium-doped fiber in the backward direction to extend the transmission distance and system capacity.

Ideal Solution for High Capacity and Single-span Transmission

High Fiber Count

Support 32 fiber pairs to meet the needs of a large-capacity system.

Ultra-long Distance

World leading solution enables 670+km single span transmission.

Compact Design

Light weight and small size design for easy deployment and recovery.

High Reliability

Utilize pressure-resistant and anti-corrosion housing, high-sealing structural design to ensure stable operation at 8,000m water depth for 25 years.

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