Technical Highlight

Open Cable Solution: System More Open, Networks More Flexible

The construction of submarine cable system usually needs a long period. To ensure customers can apply the latest transmission technology, Open Cable Submarine Network Solution is emerging in the industry, which changes the traditional full turnkey model, decouples dry and wet plants, reduces the cost and improves the flexibility of the system comprehensively. Open Cable Submarine Network Solution includes the Land portion and the Submarine portion as the chart below.

To meet the customers’ decoupling requirements, HMN Tech Open Cable Access Equipment (OCAE) supports submarine cable system across 32 fiber pairs with distance up to 16,000 km, supports any Terminal Transmission Equipment (TTE) access, realizes fiber and/or spectrum level service allocation and management, and ensures the independence and flexibility of service. HMN Tech OCAE enables the flexible sales of bandwidth to maximum the return on investment.


Flexible Multi-Vendor TTE Access

Support up to 18 TTEs access from different vendors and meet the diverse requirement of clients.

High-Resolution Wavelength Management

Support spectrum allocation and management with 3.125GHz slice.

Intelligent Spectrum Management

To ensure optimal performance of system during the operation period, through deployment of the pre-emphasis baseline, the system can automatically add/drop Dummy Light when some TTE service are lost or recovered, avoiding to affect existing service.

Unified Submarine Portion Management

Through the application of COTDR, Heartbeat Detection and other advanced technologies, OCAE supports visual query as well as real-time monitoring of system performance to realize the equipment-level and system-level management.

HMN Tech’s Open Cable Submarine Network Solution is first applied in the PEACE system which connects Asia, Africa and Europe, with a total length of 15,000km. The PEACE system supports multi-vendor TTE access. With flexible bandwidth granularity allocation, the PEACE system meets different customers’ requirements to enable the cable owner business success.