Marine Engineering

Since 2009, HMN Tech's TK Project Management Department has successfully delivered more than 20 repeatered and unrepeatered projects across Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and etc. As of now, these projects have served billions of people around the globe. Some of these projects, including the SGSCS project (Trinidad & Tobago - Guyana - Suriname), the MCT project (Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand), the Palapa Ring project (Indonesia) and the NCSCS project (Nigeria-Cameroon) are highly significant not only to our clients’ business targets, but also to the global telecommunication industry. 

Offering professional expertise, advanced technology and vast experience, our highly competent project management team can provide all kinds of complete and customized marine installation solutions. Our scientific control of project quality, costs and progress offers the key to a safe, efficient and successful delivery of our customers’ projects.


Employing our experience from the front-end of each cable installation, HMN Tech's TK Project Management Department offers the following services to support our customer's projects:

  • Operational Permitting Services of Marine Installation

  • Cable Loading and Transportation

  • Route Clearance / Pre-Lay Grapnel Run

  • Shore End landings and Diver Burial, including Direct Shore End and Pre-laid Shore End landings

  • Cable Laying operations, including burial by Plough, Surface Lay Operation, Submersible plant (RPT/BU) installation

  • ROV Post Lay Inspection and Burial Services

  • Offshore jointing to Universal Joint Consortium Specification (UJC) and Beach Joint

  • Offshore Testing services