Wet Plant Manufacture & Integration

HMN Technologies Co., Ltd (hereafter termed HMN Tech) has a professional team for submarine equipment manufacturing and integration, with the world’s most advanced manufacture and integration ability and many years of experience. In HMN Tech's 3800 m2 factory in Dongguan, China, the core modules submarine repeaters, branching units, and equalizers are manufactured. In order to flexibly deploy the trunk and branch submarine cable system and to accelerate the delivery of submarine cable systems, we have established an integrated system delivery environment at a partner cable plant. Construction vessels can proceed directly from the system integration point to the marine installation site. 

HMN Tech's professional team includes over 60 qualified and experienced experts on submarine equipments manufacturing and integration. With a production capability of over 80 core modules each month and a repeaters integration capacity of 30 each per month, we can rapidly deliver multiple cross-ocean systems at same time.

HMN Tech emphasizes quality, and pursues perfection in the manufacturing and integration process. We achieve high-reliability manufacturing by tracking every part of the production process, including supplier management, raw material inspection, process quality control, reliability screening testing, and finished product testing. As a result, no failures have occurred on equipment in our service systems.

Production Capability
We could support several projects simultaneously.
Core modules per month
Repeaters integration per month