HMN Tech Announces SDM 16FP Wet Plants Complete Acceptance Test in H2HE system

HMN Tech today announced today that the first 16 fibre pair repeatered system, Hainan to Hong Kong Express (H2HE), has completed manufacturing acceptance tests. The system, featuring a substantial design capacity of 96x200Gbit/s channels or 19.2Tb per fibre, will commence marine installation in March 2021, with a Ready For Service (RFS) date in Q2 2021.


HMN Tech’s space division multiplexing technology (SDM) solution, incorporating 16 fibre pair high-performance repeaters, high-flexibility branching units and a new cable design, is the culmination of an extensive research and development programme and is now qualified for deployment throughout the globe.


The 700km H2HE system is proceeding on schedule with all terminal equipment manufacturing also completed. Once operational, it will provide a low latency, high-speed connection between Hainan, Guangdong and Hong Kong, facilitating the development of the regions’ digital economy.

“Leading technological innovation remains a primary focus and core competence of HMN Tech,” stated Ma Yanfeng, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “This industry-first commercial application of our 16 fibre pair SDM solution is a significant milestone for both HMH Tech and the wider submarine network community’.

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