Embracing Petabit Capacity and Flexible Connection Era —— Highlights of HMN Tech at Submarine Networks World 2023

[Tianjin, China, October 7, 2023] From September 27th to 28th, the world's leading annual submarine communications gathering Submarine Networks World 2023, grandly opened in Singapore. As the gold sponsor of this conference, HMN Tech comprehensively exhibited industry-leading products and solutions to embrace Petabit capacity and flexible connection era.

HMN Tech extensively participated in various key technology topics of the conference. Franny Zhang, deputy director of network solution made the presentation "Customise to maxmise - The more open the better." She said: "Open cable systems have become the mainstream of the industry. HMN Tech is committed to contribute to the standardization of open cable systems and spectrum sharing business models. The Open Cable Access Equipment can achieve real-time failure detection through the heartbeat detection function and provide DCN path not relied on TTE, achieving more efficient management of the systems. At the same time, in order to improve the acceptance efficiency, HMN Tech has launched Automation Test Toolkit to support automatic test for all required parameters w/o interruption, which was successfully applied in the acceptance of the PEACE Cable system. The automation test time is 4 times faster than manual test, decreasing 75% time and power consumption, which significantly improves the acceptance efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.”

Leslie Cao, general manager of network solution participated in the technology panel "Test, Measure, Manage - ensuring your network only ever runs on time." and expressed that "High capacity, long distance and complex networking have put forward higher requirements for the operation and management of submarine cable systems. HMN Tech together with industry experts established the open cable system acceptance test agreement, which can significantly improve the acceptance efficiency and operational robustness of ultra-high fiber counts submarine cable systems." Leslie actively interacted HMN Tech latest research and development achievements in improving the operation and maintenance reliability of open cable systems through artificial intelligence management and fault prediction of network performance. In addition, he shared the advanced understanding and successful delivery projects of satisfying purchasers’ needs for openness, independence and performance reliability of spectrum allocation in the spectrum sharing business model.

HMN Tech actively seizes the digital and intelligent development opportunities and continues to achieve flexible global interconnection.

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